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Katha deithili maa ku
To Akhira Aaina Kahe.mp3 [1].To Akhira Aaina Kahe.mp3
Size : 4.09 MB
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Gori Tora Gora Hata.mp3 [2].Gori Tora Gora Hata.mp3
Size : 4.54 MB
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Naide Naide Sanka Sindura.mp3 [3].Naide Naide Sanka Sindura.mp3
Size : 3.83 MB
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Maa Mo Maa.mp3 [4].Maa Mo Maa.mp3
Size : 4.00 MB
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Rasika Nagara Heleni Adhira.mp3 [5].Rasika Nagara Heleni Adhira.mp3
Size : 4.76 MB
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Maa Mo Maa.mp3 [6].Maa Mo Maa.mp3
Size : 1.73 MB
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O My Darling I Luv You.mp3 [7].O My Darling I Luv You.mp3
Size : 3.61 MB
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Story Review
Abinash & Sumitra were leading happy-married life with their six year old son Ajay. Abinash was a state level kick boxer. His ambition was to become national champion. He got a chance and left for Cuttack for getting specialised. He got the championship but in the bargain he married Rama for the second time. Rama successfully obstructed him to meet his first wife and son. Time passed by. Sumitra groomed her son Ajay to handsome young man. Ajay started hating his father for this kind of attitude of his father. Ajay wanted to become a boxing champion like his father. In the mean time Sumitra developed heart ailment. Knowing the ambition of Ajay she took a pledge from Ajay to go to his father after her death. Sumitra dies. As Ajay pledged before his mother, he went to his father, but the second family of Abinash did not receive him cordially. Though his father acknowledged him, Ajay could not get shelter in the house. Insulted Ajay could have left them but as he pledged before his mother, he could not leave them, whether he could become a boxing champion, whether he could be able to transform the family, whether he had been accepted by the family members is in the rest of the story.
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