Best Mutual Fund App in India by 2022

By | August 6, 2022

Best Mutual Fund App in India by 2022


The best mutual fund app in India should reflect affordability. Anyone can start investing with as little as INR 100. The app should also display a wide variety of mutual fund schemes, so investors can choose where they want to invest their money. Whether you want to invest in the latest MF scheme or a more established one, the best mutual fund app in India will be a reflection of your affordability. We’ve compiled a list of the top five apps for mutual funds in India.

Best Mutual Fund App in India by 2022

Best Mutual Fund App in India by 2022

Paytm Money

The Paytm Money Mutual Funds app is a free and innovative investment tool for mobile users that allows you to earn 1% more returns with direct mutual funds. The app provides a diversified list of investment options that make mutual fund investing simple and easy. The Paytm Money app is also the best app to invest in mutual funds in India. For more information, download the app and get started today!

The app is a one-touch login platform that provides easy and secure investing. Moreover, it emphasizes a single view of your investments and a manageable profile. You can also track your investments and invest in NFOs or SIPs in real time without the need to log in to multiple apps. With the help of the app, you can invest in several mutual funds at once. One-touch login and consolidated profile information mean that you don’t have to switch between different apps.


With more than ninety percent of Indian pin codes investing in mutual funds through its platform, PhonePe is set to be the best mutual fund app in India by 2022. Its innovative approach to mutual fund investing has made insurance and mutual fund products easier to access for investors, regardless of their financial status. Its latest report showed that the average mutual fund investment in Patiala, India, is Rs 30,000, which is approximately 2.5 times higher than the average investor in Mumbai. Small towns in India are investing big in mutual funds.

With its revolutionary approach to investing, PhonePe’s super funds are a one-stop investment solution for the discerning investor. They invest in top debt, equity and gold mutual funds, all actively managed by experts with lower risk. Investors can choose from three different risk appetite types, ranging from conservative to moderate. Each type of fund is tailored to suit each investor’s risk appetite.


The CashRich app offers simplicity in its wealth management system, powered by professionals with over 20 years of market experience. Its platform uses the Bombay Stock Exchange to process transactions, which move your money directly from your bank account to a mutual fund house. The CashRich app is both intuitive and functional, and you can even access your portfolio for free. Moreover, the CashRich team is there to answer any questions you may have.

Kuvera is another great app for investing in mutual funds. It provides investors with goal-based investing, tax-saving strategies, and easy withdrawals. Another feature of the app is the ability to make investment suggestions for an existing portfolio. Another app that is highly recommended is Upstox. This mobile app offers many features, including tax harvesting and one-touch login. Besides, it has a feature that lets you switch between regular and direct investment plans with one tap.

Scripbox Jai Hind

Introducing a wealth management app for the defence personnel, Scripbox Jai Hind will provide a personalised, technology-driven experience. The app allows users to select an investment time frame and invest in equity, debt, and liquid mutual funds. Moreover, it offers systematic investment plans and an annual review process. Moreover, Scripbox Jai Hind will help users build a wealth management portfolio for life after the military.

The app will track your portfolio, SIP, Zerodha account, and real estate investments and will provide periodic reviews. This unique algorithm will help you achieve your goals and suggest new funds if required. The app will also help you declutter your portfolio and remind you of critical wealth events. You can also track US equities through Stockal. Investing is easier than ever with Scripbox.


There are many benefits of investing in mutual funds, and the best mutual fund app in India is a great way to do so. Investing directly with mutual fund companies doesn’t require a commission, and account statements are 100% paperless. Kuvera is one of the best mutual fund apps in India, offering an intuitive user interface and a wide range of options, including tax saving funds, gold, liquid funds, index funds, and global and regional funds. The app’s dashboard provides information about the types of mutual funds available and includes subcategories, including risk preference, minimum investment amounts, and investment frequency.

The newest mutual fund app is 5Paisa. With lots of new features, 5Paisa is worth a look, including stock SIP and VTT, as well as a referral and earn program. The app also offers free Rs 200 for referring a friend, and 12.5% brokerage sharing, which is an appealing feature. However, it is still early to tell whether 5Paisa is the best mutual fund app in India for investing.

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