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How to Make blog Post in WordPress 2022?

How to Make Blog Post in WordPress 2022?

Are you new to the blogging field, and you can’t find out about the feature of WordPress that How to Make Blog Post in WordPress 2021? currently wants every Blogger to go to WordPress. Because it is very easy to do SEO on WordPress and if you get some SEO you can write SEO optimized posts on WordPress.

Hello friends, welcome to Statusboi.com, today through this article I will tell you how to write a post in WordPress? If you write a post in WordPress as described in this article, your blog post will be an SEO-friendly post. So let’s get started.

How to Make blog Post in WordPress 2021?

Before starting this article, I tell you that if you run a blog on WordPress, you should use the Yoast plugin. This is a good SEO plugin that allows you to easily rank your blog in Google by doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Things to Remember While Writing Blog Post

I’m going to tell you about some important things before writing a post on WordPress. Which is needed when writing posts. When you start writing posts in WordPress, you will get to see a Topbar and a Sidebar with a lot of Options. So let us first tell you about all the options in Topbar.

Things to Remember While Writing Blog Post



1. WordPress Button: WordPress Logo is the link you can click on to view all your posts.

2. Plus Sign Button: This symbol of plus is the second Button on the Topbar. By clicking on it you can Add Heading, Paragraphs, Images, and more features to your Post content.

3. Pencil Button: This is the third option of the Topbar, which looks like a pencil icon. You can select or add a block by clicking on it.

4. 2 Arrow Buttons: This is an Undo Button. When you make a mistake while writing a Post or Delete an Element, you can bring it back by clicking this Button.

5. I Button: you can see character, word, heading, and paragraph in your Post by clicking on the I button.

6. By clicking on the three Line : 3 line Button you can easily Navigate any Element of your Post.

7. Save draft: you can save your article by clicking on save draft.

8. After writing Preview: post you can view your Post by clicking on the preview button before publishing.

9. After writing Publish: post you can Publish your blog post by clicking on the Publish button.

10. Settings: you can hide or unhide the WordPress Post Editor Sidebar by clicking on it.

11. 3 Dot: by clicking on this option you can see some additional settings of WordPress.

How to Add MetaData in WordPress?

After writing a post in WordPress, the title and Description of the post itself are called MetaData. It is a must for SEO. Whenever you write metadata of a post, use the related keyword in it from your post. This makes it easier for Google search to understand what topic your post is on.

Attractive title for Blog WordPress

How to Make Title SEO Friendly: after writing the post, when it comes to the Title, a lot of keywords start spinning in your mind and you move away from the content and use the high traffic keyword. But you don’t need to do that.

In your post title, use the keyword related to your content and write the title so that you can understand which topic your post is written on.

How to Write SEO Description?

Many bloggers write a lot of keywords in their post description after writing the post. Anyone who sees this Article will understand that this article is written solely to rank on Google. But Google never ranks such content at the top.

According to Google, in the post Description, all you have to do is write what information you are about to share with your Reader in this article. You don’t have to write anything except that.

WordPress Best Permalink Settings for SEO?

The WordPress blog post URL itself is called Permalink. After writing a post in WordPress the Permalink structure should be SEO friendly. Google likes the short Permalink (URL) more.


Today you learned “How to Make Blog Post in WordPress 2021?” hopefully now you understand how to write posts in WordPress? If you have any questions related to blogging, you can ask via comment! Thanks…

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