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How to Make SEO Optimization Blog Title (Create Attractive Heading)

How to Make SEO Optimization Blog Title (Create Attractive Heading)

How to Make SEO Optimized Title: Hello Friend’s in today’s article we are going to tell you about a very important part of SEO called “How to write Blog Post Ke Liye SEO Optimized Title”. Because if you want to rank your Blog Post on Search Engines then first of all you have to Focus on your Post Title, then let’s understand this Topic well in Detail.
Friends, as you all know, when you want to post about any topic on your blog, first you have to give a title. Let us first understand why this title is important to you. Whenever a User / Reader wants to Search about a Topic on the Internet, he searches only a few Limited Words on the Internet and the Search Engine shows the results According to his Keywords.
In which it is not necessary that the Reader only Open the Article to be shown on Top because he/she normally opens the Articles which he/she finds appropriate and he/she understands that he/she can get the correct information on this Article.
  • For Example: suppose you Search on the Internet How to Create a Blog, then in this Condition, the Results that the Search Engine shows you will have the Top 10 Articles on the first page suppose the Title of the first Article is “how to create a free Blog on Blogger” and the Title of the second Number Article is “how to Create a Blog free blog compete for guide with screenshots” so which article would you like to click on?
According to us, any Reader will Click on the first and Third Article because it has two Reasons-
  1. Both are telling about creating a Blog for Article free.
  2. Click on the third Article he will do because he is getting Information with screen Shots so that he will understand easily.

ViewPoint (SEO Optimization Title)

As you saw, the Reader did not even think of clicking on another Number Article because he did not have some things Clear there first he was not Free secondly when someone gets Information with Screen Shots, he will go to step by step only because so it is not necessary for you to Rank your Article but to make it so that people
Now you will have the Question of how to do this because this Rule does not apply to all Topics, then we give you 7 tips that you will not only be able to make your Article SEO Friendly but also get as many Clicks on that Article.

Best Tips for How to Write SEO Optimization Title

Before writing Blog Post on How to Make SEO Optimized Title you have to write an article on the Topic also Find the best Keyword for that Topic because if you don’t choose the right Keyword you don’t get good Traffic too.

1. Place your Targeted

The best way to make Blog Title SEO Friendly is to Place your main Keyword (Targeted Keyword) at the start of the Article because by doing this, Search Bots quickly recognize your Target Keyword and Show your Article on top in Search Results.
Normally this is not possible in a lot of Topics so whenever you get the chance you can write your Targeted Keyword in Starting, then do this because it is best from SEO’s Point of View.

2. Use Numerical Value

You can also do the starting Numbers of your Title which is much better than the point of view of both SEO and Reader. Let’s tell you in Detail
SEO: Search Engines like to Show Articles on the first Page that have more and Clear Information, so in such a case when you Write a Number in the Title, according to Bots your Article has been told about as many things that will be better for Readers.
Note: now in this Condition it is not at all that you write about 10 Tips and Tips only have 1-2 Lines because Bots also Detect the Length of your Article.
User: When you Use Numbers Readers can also easily understand how many things they can get Information from that Article.


  • For Example, you are reading this Article because According to our Title you already know that you will find Total Tips inside this Article to improve your Title. 


You can also take advantage of the same thing so before you Write any Article / Blog Post, collect competition Information about that Topic and Write an SEO Optimized Article.

3. Use Symbol In Your Title

You can also Use Symbols to make your Title Unique and Stylish because Symbols help you to Present anything a little differently.
Also, when you Implement Symbols in your Title, Search Bots can easily identify your Keywords and Show your Article on the First Page.
Similarly, the Reader can understand your Article well because Symbols make things different and easier for you to Implement.
  • For Example: if you look at the Title of our Article, we have used the Symbol after 7 Tips (:) and after that, we have written our keywords (For Blog Post SEO Optimized Title,) and third we have used Write Kare Words for Specification (understanding).
From this one can understand this Title very easily, what this article is about and how much information he can get from this Article.
Thus you can make your Article more Attractive and Clickable by just using symbols.

4. Use Questionable Words in your Title

What, when, how, why, etc. are Questionable Words that you can use easily in the title of your article. Now, do you know how you benefit from writing these types of Words?
Answer: whenever a User wants to know about a topic on the Internet, he must find the word What in his Keyword so that he can get the correct result quickly.
  • For Example: now suppose you have to know about “Make Blog Post SEO Optimized Title” then how would you use Word to Search Articles because only then can you get the correct Results.
To understand Practically, if you look at our Title, we have used the word “How” after “To Make SEO Optimized Title” so that on doing your Search, our Article should be shown in the Results and likewise everyone should Visit our Article. Similarly, you can reach your Article to the Right Audience by writing Questionable Words in your Article and getting as many Clicks as possible.

5. Try to Explain Your Title

A Title can only become SEO Optimized and Clickable when it is completely Clear because suppose you want to Write about a topic but what are the things you are providing Information about in that Article or your Title is only full of keywords then the Reader will never understand why he should Visit your Article.
That is to say, you should always try to Write all the essential Words in your Title That Can Explain Your Topic well.
  • For Example: let’s take our same Article as an Example again, let’s say the Target keyword of our Article is “How to Make SEO Optimized Title for Blog Post” and if we Write only such Words in our Title, would you Visit our Article, no.
Why? Because you would have known what topic the Article is Based on but it would have been a bit difficult to understand what we are about to tell you in this article, which the words “Kaise Write Kare” have fulfilled.


Your Title should be such that the Reader can only Read that Title once and understand your Complete Article What It is going to get in that Article, How much Information it is going to get, and why it should Click on that Article.

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