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How to Block Websites on Laptop or Computer 2022?

How to Block Websites on Laptop or Computer 2022?

How to Block Websites on Laptop or Computer: Hello in today’s article, we are about to tell you how you can Block any Website on your Computer or Laptop. So that it will not be able to open in any browser installed on your Computer or Laptop.

How to Block Websites on Laptop or Computer 2021?

Block Website on Computer

Many times we face the problem that people in our home start using our Computer or Laptop and Spend all their time on some Websites. What we do not want at all, in such a case, is the best solution we have is to Block that Website so that the Website is not Open on our Device.

If you do this Process, then in all browsers Available on your Computer or Laptop, the Website will be completely blocked and no one will be able to open it. Until he knows how to Block that Website.

Our computer or Laptop requires Command from Computer to run any File like Software, Browser, or other things, but if you Block a Particular thing by going to your Command, it cannot be Open. This is especially done with the Website. This means that if you Block a Website in the Command of your Computer or Laptop, it does not allow it to be Open so it blocks the Website and does not Open.

Now comes the question of how to do this (Block Website on Computer), you don’t need any kind of Codding Knowledge to do this job, you just have to Copy-Paste and you can Block any Website on your Computer or Laptop very easily.

How to block a website on computer and laptop

When we Install any Operating System in our Computer like Windows 7, 8, or 10 then there are a lot of things in our Computer so that our Computer works, there are some similar things in your Computer that are already installed you just need to Access them and you will be able to block any website easily.

To Block a Website on Computer Laptop, you just have to Follow 2 Steps-

The host’s file has to be open in Notepad

Local Host IP has to be copied and Paste a little below and write the address of the Website (the Website you want to Block) and Save the File.

How to Open Hosts File in Notepad

Let’s understand Step by step how we can Open Hosts File in Notepad on our Computer or Laptop.

Step 1. Open Notepad

First, you have to open Notepad on your Device, which will Open a Blank file of Notepad in front of you.

Step 2. Open Host File

Inside the file Option above in Notepad, you get an Open Option that allows you to open a Notepad file already created on your Computer or Laptop. Now because we have to Open the Host File we will click on the Open button.

Now after clicking on Open, Notepad asks you which File to Open and where it is.  So you have to go to the Location where your Host File is saved.

First, you have to Open C Drive, then open the Folder of Windows, here you have to open the Folder named System 32, and now you have to open the Drivers Folder and finally open the Etc folder.

Opening the Etc Folder will Open a Blank Screen in front of you, because only here .permission to open txt Files is already Set so you have to select it all.

To Open all Files you get an Option of the lowest File Name in the etc folder and along with that, you will get text Documents written, when you go to that Option there you get 1 more Option of all Files you have to Open it.

Thus you can very easily Open the Hosts File on your Computer or Laptop. We give you the names of the Folders once again to make it easier for you to Open all the Folders.

Notepad  ~ C Drive ~ Windows ~ System 32 ~ Drivers ~ etc ~ Hosts File.

How to Add your Local Host IP and Website Address to Hosts File

Copy Local Host IP

Your Host File has an IP like, which is just below the local Hostname resolution, you only have to Copy this IP from here.

Past IP Address and Website Address

After doing so you Save the Notepad and turn it off. The website you put in Notepad will no longer be Open in any of your browsers.

Note- Keep in mind that after you write the Code and Website Address, click on the Save button and not on the Save As button, because if you save as it will start asking you the Location, and if you try to save it on the location mentioned above then there may be Problem in your Device.

So pay special attention to this after you write Code and Website Address and click on the Save button and close your browser once again and then try to Open the Website.

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