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What is Fastag, and how to Use it

What is Fastag, and how to Use it – Complete information in English

Hello guys, what is Fastag of what you also want to know? So, through this article, all information related to Fastag is given to you here, which you can read and get complete information about it.

If you also like to Travel on the Road, then you must know about it, otherwise, you may have to pay a higher fee in the Toll Plaza, if the owner of a car does not use Fastag on your car.

What is Fastag, and how to Use it - Complete information in English

So you all get full information about FASTag through this message, you may not have to pay the cash toll fee.

Let us know that Fastag is used to facilitate traffic in Toll Gates, so you don’t have to keep cash payments with you. If you use Fastag in driving, money is directly deducted from your bank account.

Full information about Fastag in English

So let us all know that Fastag is a very easy-to-use Bala Reloadable Tag that enables the deduction of toll charges. And you are not stopped for any type of Cash Transaction to pass from Toll Plaza. Because direct money is deducted from your bank account.

It uses radio Frequency Identification Technology, which is pasted onto the windscreen. There will be RFID readers at the toll booth who will scan it to Fastag and your FASTag account will get paid once you scan it. You will receive the information by SMS

How to Activate or Recharge FASTag

After purchasing Fastag you need to Activate it, you need to install the NHAI toll collection FASTag app on your smartphone. And here you have to register it with the serial number of the tag. And after filling in the requested information in these Apps it will be activated.

Let’s say that a Fastag can be used in just one car. And you can also recharge Fastag through this App. While on the App you can also get information related to your account.

FASTag’s Validity will be up to five years in which users will have to recharge up to at least Rs 100 at a time. And in KYC made FASTag account, in your FASTag account Rs. can hold up to 100,000

According to NHAI, the biggest Advantages you get from using it. And Bo does not require you to carry any Cash Payment for a Toll transaction. And it also saves you time. At the same time, your time is not too wasted.

Advantages of fasting or ETC)

The Ministry of Roads and Transport has launched the FASTag system on several toll plazas in the country to solve the problem of long lines of trains and open money due to the delivery of Tall taxes on toll plazas. And with the help of FASTag, you will save time as well as your petrol or diesel.

And not only that, people who use it between 2016-and 17 can also be given a cashback of 10% on all toll payments. There 2017-2018 between you 7.5 %, cashback if 2018-2019 between 5% cashback and 2019-2020 up to 2.5 % cashback find.

Your cashback will come to your FASTag account within a week. So far, FASTag has only been applied to toll plazas of some cities in India. But after its success, the Ministry of Roads and transport is soon trying to launch it at every toll plaza in the country.

(ETC) What is Electronic toll Collection

So let me first tell you that ETC has a full form (Electronic Toll Collection).

It is a system of electronic payment of highway tolls with no human tampering. Electronic Toll Collection systems use vehicle-to-roadside communication technologies so that they can conduct electronic Monetary transactions between the vehicle and the toll collection agency.

When did FASTag System in India,

The system was first launched in India in 2014 on the highways between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. And in July 2015, it was launched at toll plazas between Chennai to Bengaluru. Just then around 332 toll plazas in the country have been started on this facility. That is, in these toll plazas, you can pay your Toll-Tax through FASTag.

Where to buy Fastag?

You can buy Fastags from authorized Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, IDFC Bank, Syndicate Bank, SBI, and HDFC Bank. And you can also buy it from a petrol pump, RTO, toll plaza, and Paytm. Whose validity is 5 years old has been told to all of you above?

  • Documents required to take FASTag ( FASTag Documents )
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle (RC)
  • Passport photo of the vehicle owner
  • KYC documents and proof of address of vehicle owner
  • Vehicle owner’s Aadhaar card


So friends, today’s article has given you all the complete information about what FASTag is. I hope that all of you would have liked this post and you might have even known about what Fastag is and what it is all about.

I have always tried to provide readers with complete information on how to activate FASTag so they don’t have to search from another site. And it also saves you time. And get all the information from one place.


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