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What is EVM ( Electronic Voting Machine )

What is EVM ( Electronic Voting Machine )

Just as every task is getting simpler and faster with new technology in the market today, the EVM (electronic voting machine) machine in India for fifteen years (2004) has also made the selection process simpler and faster.

As we all know, fair and free elections are essential for any democratic country, because in a democracy the government chosen by the people is the best. For the first time in the Kerala Legislative Assembly elections in 1982, the Indian government took the biggest step to prevent rigging by launching EVM machines in the elections. And since 2004, elections have been voted through evm continuously.

What is EVM ( Electronic Voting Machine )

What is Electronic Voting Machine?

Today, a few decades ago, the electoral process in India was very difficult and costly, with delays in election results. At the same time, ballots in the elections required tons of paper, with a large number of trees cut, which is extremely painful for the environment. But over time the EVM machine has solved that problem today.

After the arrival of evm, not only did the electoral results remain bullish but also spurt. Rather, the main advantage is that it runs on six batteries and all the data is stored on the hard disk even when the battery is down. By which the EVM machine can be replaced in five minutes if the EVM machine is damaged during the election. the EVM machine consists of two units (units). The EVM was designed by Bharat Electronics Corporation of India and Electronics Corporation of India Limited with the help of the Election Commission of India. Now we look at some features of the EVM machine.


Why was the Electronic Voting Machine Machine Used at all?

using an EVM machine has proved to be a change in the voting process. Because the EVM machine was easy to use not just for literate people but also for illiterate people. At the same time, the old ballot system took a long time, which had the greatest negative impact on those who voted, but evm is faster and safer than the old ballot system, thereby avoiding fake votes and another election rigging. an EVM is a digital form machine that can be damaged only by breaking or burning.

Even has been used in all polling stations in India since 2004 after many years of EVM information. And at the same time, India has become an e-democracy country along with other countries. However, it is important to know that many developed countries in the world, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. are selected by ballot paper instead of EVM.

Features of EVM Machine

  • A great advantage of this machine is that it can be easily mounted in places where power is often lacking. Because these EVM machines run from batteries.
  • the EVM machine is designed with modern technology to significantly save time and ballot printing costs.
  • At one time, the EVM machine can register 3840 votes.
  • It is quite simple to use, and it is not possible to manipulate it with the help of the tools present in this machine.
  • the EVM machine can be used easily by literate people as well as illiterate people.
  • Due to the rapid turnout, it can rapidly show electoral results in place of the old ballot system.
  • C present in the battery. the data of the U (control unit) is stored for ten years, due to which it is re-checked by the court in case of recalculation in which all previous results are shown.
  • At the same time, it is important to know about the fact of EVM machine that if the number of candidates contesting in an election area exceeds sixty-four, EVM machine cannot be used there. In this situation, there can be used old election system using ballots.

Do we hope this article of today what is evm? We will succeed in giving you some new information. How did you like this article, you can comment on any of your questions without hesitation.

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